The Quantico trail system is not open for public use.

Quantico is only open to the public during planned special events.


The Quantico trails are comprised of 2 main trail systems.

Mainside Trails:

The Mainside trail system is comprised of 27 smaller trail segments ranging in length from 1/10th of a mile to 1 mile in length. The Mainside trails have 3 defined loops identified by colored arrows indicating the direction of the route. Any segment can be linked to another segment to customize the length and difficulty you desire.

The Green trail is the easiest trail. This trail is suitable for beginners.

The Yellow trail is the intermediate trail. 

The White trail is an advanced trail. This trail has alot of tough climbs in it, and is meant for an advanced rider. 

A trail map can be downloaded here.

Note: John Henry, Woodpecker, Old Butts, and White Tail are now open to mountain bikes and horses. 


The Geiger Ridge trail system is comprised of 4 trail segments ranging in length from .2 to 3.7 miles in length.


Current Trail Conditions